RuneScape delivers a ‘mega-patch’ full of quality-of-life improvements

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Sometimes you need good, quality fixes and improvements over brand-new content in MMOs. It’s amazing what little changes can do in turning a game experience around, and RuneScape hopes that yesterday’s “mega-patch” will be well-received by the community.

The December 4th patch allows players to combine greegrees, makes it easier to catch slayer souls, shows the full length of each quest chain, adds a counter for onslaught, and improves the offerings at certain shops.

“The behemoth-of-a-list left our forum post bursting at the seams, so much that it now spans two gargantuan forum posts,” the team said. Get a quick overview of Patch 198 after the break!

Source: RuneScape
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I don’t really know anything about this game, so have no opinion about it or this patch one way or the other. That said, I have to admit that my first thought upon reading the headline, and seeing the cover image was “Green sheep are a quality of life improvement?” ;)


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Bruno Brito

Can’t you have fun on this game as a f2p?