Albion Online releases a new update, ‘Kay?

Albion Online’s dev team hasn’t run out of girlfriends’ and boyfriends’ Arthurian lore names to use for its patches, so everyone say hello to today’s Kay update.

The big focus of today’s update is improving the MMO’s PvP scene with features like guild vs. guild seasons, battle mounts, time for guilds to evacuate their goods when their territory is overrun, and territory raids deep into other guilds’ space.

The additions don’t stop there, either. Albion is now triggering magical invasions designed to evict guilds from resource watchtowers on occasion. There are now level 3 artifact weapons, enhanced client performance, political information on the world maps, hardcore expeditions, and an extended tutorial.

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Thomas Zervogiannis

(Launches the game with a skeptical expression)
(Logs in Caerleon – is greeted by stuttering and horrible performance)
(Logs out, shuts the game down, uninstalls it and goes to play something else)

I had three issues that had me with one foot out of the door:

– World layout : them having a single access point to the black zones, making Caerleon the single relevant city in game and essentially turning half of their in game map into a deserted place and the other 5 capitals into ghost towns. Also, instant travel portals with goods loaded on you, almost killing off any resource locality and any inter-city trading.

– Performance: rubberbanding and stuttering everywhere, even for a game of this graphical fidelity, even in single player or 5v5 instances.

– Abysmal community management, with lots of unfair censorship and mass removing comments (even non toxic or rude, albeit critical, ones, even in the subreddit which should not be in their reach).

None of this is fixed – especially NOT the performance which was promised and advertised:

Good luck to them, I hope they improve and recover because the game’s concept was great (all backers are nostalgic of how great the game was in the early betas), but I will not be active there any more :)

Knox Harrington