The Daily Grind: What feature from another game would you import into your favorite MMO?

One of the everlasting points of contention between me and the MMO industry is that no game gets everything right. Gah! Can’t you mold perfection, devs? Like it’s that hard. Anyway, so often I see a great feature in one game that I wish would become the industry standard — but it doesn’t.

For example, I would love to port WildStar’s housing system to every other MMO I play, because I’ve never experienced a better and more enjoyable homesteading experience. It makes me grit my teeth to play, say, World of Warcraft and feel that big hole where housing should go. I’d also lug around RIFT’s instant adventures as an alternative to typical questing when I wanted a change-up once in a while. And what about giving every MMO City of Heroes’ character creation system? I’m down for that.

What feature from another game would you, if you could, import into your favorite MMO right now? How could you see that feature improving the game?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Zophie Winters

GW2’s level scaling, RIFT’s Instant Adventures, EVE Online’s markets, and WoW’s add-on support

Zen Dadaist

True open world areas with multiple teams doing their own thing and sometimes coming together to take on a bigger challenge – for Warframe. Basically Firefall in Warframe.

Alex Malone

I think I would take vanilla LotRO’s combat system and put into SWG pre-cu, then update the graphics to similar levels as BDO.

I mean, I loved SWG, but the combat was pretty shallow. Most of the skill lay in the meta-game, for a lot of templates you just ended up spamming mind hits over and over. LotRO had the deepest combat system I’ve ever played so I’d love to see that in SWG.

Then, obviously, update the graphics.


I have never played a game that needs an auction house as badly as Warframe. And since I’m wishing, may as well wish for the best, that of Guild Wars 2.

Thomas Zervogiannis

E:D’s ship controls into EVE. Sadly I know that with the current technology limitations it cannot be done.

Jeffery Witman

Take the open world SWG game engine with the crafting resources system, as well as the building and housing system. Fill it with the Secret World setting and story. Give it the DDO LFG tool, with the Neverwinter web access for AH, crafting, and minion minigames. Throw in the Foundry system from STO and Neverwinter for player made missions.

That would be a hell of a game.


SWTOR’s business model.

I jest, I jest.

In all seriousness, as well as most of the stuff mentioned below, I’d like to import ESO’s seasonal event system, where it’s possible to get all the achievements and all of the loot without having to grind 24/7 across multiple alts and hope you’re not away for any one of the given days else you’re scuppered.


GW2 Auction House system… Right click on item, sell to highest buyer, done.


Star Trek Online’s Foundry in Champions Online.



I have this really off the wall conspiracy theory that Bliz has done the metrics on housing, and realized that most of the players are heavy into housing for a month or two, and quickly forget about it or just use it for convenience features, rather than the actual housing system.

Just my wacky brain at work.