Vindictus introduces the girl with the dragon spine


If there is one thing that we have learned about Korean MMOs, it’s that the smaller the girl, the bigger the weapon she carries. We are seriously concerned about back strain issues at this point, but that is a small price to pay for looking wicked awesome.

Vindictus’ newest character is live on the servers today, and she is toting the biggest weapon of them all. Meet Miri, the “lost daughter of an ancient people” who wields the Dragonspine lance on the battlefield. The weapon isn’t there merely for looks; it also allows Miri to use fire skills and transform her into a DragonGirlâ„¢ in dire situations.

To celebrate the new hero, Vindictus is giving a free Miri registration pack to everyone. The bundle includes a level 90 weapon, an AP booster, 50 recovery potions, five XP boosts, and more.

Source: Vindictus
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I didn’t know Vindi was still getting updates. lol

Jeremy Barnes

Too bad the engine is still terrible


I love everything about the graphic style of Korean MMO’s on this engine (this game, BDO, etc) except for the character models. They are just terrible


Looks like she’s doubling up on the back problems with that character model.

Jeffrey Wu

And here I am hoping Sophia is still viable.


Well, at least shes not a TankGirl or WarshipGirl.