Here’s a quick peek into the two ‘MMOs’ Pearl Abyss is working on

Move it move it.

Back in September during Pearl Abyss’ IPO press conference, the South Korean company reps let loose with a ton of information about the state of the studio, including the fact that it’s working on four more MMOs. “Two games are in development [and] aim to be released in the second half of 2018,” CEO Kyung In Jung told investors and reporters at the time. “The other two aim to be released in 2019 and 2021. All of them are in progress to be network-based games with high-quality graphics by using the self-developed engine.”

Now we’ve got a tease about two of those. As MMO Culture reports, one of them is a global mobile MMO – and it’s not Black Desert Mobile, as its setting is apparently quite different. It sounds like an all-ages social game rather than a competitive one, with a goal for meeting other users.

The other is apparently a MOBA, though PA founder Dae Il Kim says it still counts as an MMO as he argues – this is MMO Culture’s paraphrase here – that MOBAs are “a compressed form of MMORPG.” It’s also not Black Desert-flavored and will probably aim for consoles.

All that said? Apparently PA is quick to reassure players that its main focus is still on Black Desert and its mobile version, so no need to panic there.

Source: MMO Culture
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I doubt either of those games will ever hit the NA/EU markets..

Looking forward to Black Desert mobile though and see how they handle that for 5 minutes at a time before my phone overheats and I have to put it down haha…

Raimo Kangasniemi

So it’s very much nothing to see here…

Hard to believe that the MOBA will have a long life…

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If they want to spend good money after bad projects I can send them some of my bank account information.


How large is this company to be working on so many MMOs? I’m thinking not large enough.

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Depends on how experienced your employees are … and these guys have been making MMOs since Linage 1 and working with their own self built engine since the developed it for C9.

Toy Clown

They’re pretty large, successful, and listed on the Korean stock exchange:


A mobile MMORPG and a MOBA (a genre so bloated that any recent entrants have died within 6 months). …..good luck.


Could be a zombie/survival game ;)

Heliton B. Amorim

Maybe it is a survivor MOBA where you need to find food and water to avoid dying, but also need to kill players to make gold to buy gear and also avoid zombies, because they give you nothing and are just there to annoy you. Eventually, someone destroys the enemy nexus and win the game.

Damn, I shoulda been work with games…