Overwatch teases new Winter Wonderland skins and Mei’s Yeti Hunt


Winter Wonderland is indeed returning to Overwatch next week on December 12th, and Game Director Jeff Kaplan is not doing anything to quell the anticipation for snowy antics. If anything, he’s stoking the fire at the lodge, telling players that new skins are incoming, including one for Hanzo from the comics and a couple of ones for the two “junkers” of the game.

There’s plenty more on the way as well:┬áSeasonal overlays for King’s Row, Hanamura, and Black Forest are coming, with the latter map pass debuting this year. Players can enjoy some snowball fights in the Black Forest and Antarctica.

Kaplan also introduced a brand-new event: Mei’s Yeti Hunt. One team will be five Mei characters against a single “Yeti” (Winston) in Nepal village. If the Yeti finds enough meat to trigger his primal rage, the Mei team will go from hunting to escaping.

Get the full skinny from Blizzard after the (ski) jump!

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