Saga of Lucimia doesn’t have minimum specs for its testing, but it also does

There are no minimum specs listed for Saga of Lucimia’s early access test starting on December 22nd. That’s because no work has really yet been done on optimization, much less testing, so the general consensus on “how low can this run” hasn’t yet been established. But that doesn’t mean that there are no limitations; as the latest video explains, the game does still require a certain amount of hardware to run cleanly.

It’s a short video, but if you’re in a rush, the even shorter version is that the game is playable at lower framerates on a GTX 960M card and should be smooth and lovely on a GTX 1060. Those of you with older video cards should not assume that the game won’t run even on the lowest settings, but… you might want to prepare for that eventuality. Check out the video below for more discussion and a demonstration on the aforementioned two-year-old card.

Source: Twitter
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