TERA hosts first PlayStation 4 public demo this week

And on the end of the gun... was a HOOK!
So what do you think about TERA’s prospects as a console MMORPG after hearing that it is coming to the PlayStation 4? It seems like an ideal online game for console adaptation, especially with its focus on action combat.

Some fortunate members of the gaming public will get to see how TERA operates on the PS4 when they attend PlayStation Experience 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend. En Masse is going to be hosting the first-ever public demo of the MMO on console, allowing anyone who walks up to booth #45 and 46 to check out the game for themselves on Saturday and Sunday.

En Masse has been building up to the release of TERA’s console ports this year, announcing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions back in March. We got our hands on the title at PAX East a few months later, saying that we “preferred TERA’s combat on the controller than on the keyboard.”

Source: Press release

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WildStar should do the same.

I think TERA is perfect for console.


Cant wait for it to show up on xbox ?????


The gameplay is well suited to console, but with as old as TERA is now I’m surprised they don’t focus on “TERA 2” or equivalent for console launch