The Daily Grind: Are you willing to buy good-looking MMO cosmetics?


There are few things that bug me more in MMOs than when my character looks like he or she got dressed by sprinting through a Salvation Army and grabbing whatever was within arm’s reach. It makes such a difference to me when my character looks the part of a hero rather than a ragamuffin.

While most MMOs these days allow you to save and equip visuals from gear that you find all around the game world, many of these same MMOs create special cosmetics that can only be purchased in the game store. As they have no bearing on actual performance during play, cosmetic sales don’t draw the ire that, say, lockboxes and stat gear do. While some might avoid store cosmetics because of a lack of funds or because actually earning (or finding) good-looking outfits delivers more of that feeling of achievement, others don’t seem to have a problem with taking a paid short-cut to fashion success.

I’ve bought several outfits in games like The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 that I knew I would be wearing extensively on multiple characters. I am pretty choosy in what I do purchase, however; it’s not an everyday occurrence.

What about you? Are you willing to buy good-looking MMO cosmetics? Have you done so this year?

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Hikari Kenzaki

Yes, every damn day. I want to look good while we’re out smiting. It’s doubly important in games where I RP. I’ve spent a small fortune in BDO (I was showing off my costume inventory on my Ranger the other day and said “Oh, wow, that’s about $300 worth of outfits”) and Secret World especially.
I often login to BDO just to see if there are new outfits or sales.
Cosmetics and my character’s appearance makes or breaks a game for me. I’ve refused to play games simply because I can’t make my character look right (Tera… looking at you)


Are you willing to buy good-looking MMO cosmetics?


Are you willing to buy any MMO cosmetics?


It was never going to be an option for me. It always felt like charging for something I used to get included in my subscription. A sleight of hand, where the players were the losers.
I’d have paid a higher subscription, if it paid for content I valued. Money for pixels was never going to be that.
And that was before entire game designs and mechanics started to invented to make my game experience worse because other people have more money than sense.
Right now, I recognise the cost of subscriptions has fallen (in real terms). But so has my enjoyment of the content that subscription buys. So it feels about right until such time as all this current bu****it dies a death in the AAA market.

Melissa McDonald

Absolutely. It’s actually just about the only thing I’m willing to buy.


I have never purchased anything through an in-game cash shop and hopefully never will. It’s sub or nothing for me.

Maggie May

Because there is nothing so beautiful as running around in a Subligar …

I am a bit odd in that I think early on in a game you should look funky. You just got there and you’re low on the scale, a lowly novice adventurer. Once I lvl up my main then yea I can deck myself out with matching crafted, looted or store bought.

A few games I played early on, GW2 and FfX1V, and everyone looked hilarious. Especially FF on day one the place was inundated with Moogle hats. By the time I left GW2 everyone was decked out in fancy wear. At the beginning the clothes were not pretty.

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Briar Grey

Yep, I will definitely buy outfits I like, and yep, I’ve done so this year. I believe in paying for subscriptions to support games I am playing and I provide additional support in purchases for fluff items. I don’t like pay-to-win models where you can pay extra for game-changing gear but I like pay-to-support by having cosmetic stuff like outfits, pets, mounts, etc. especially when well-balanced with ways to earn similar items through in-game efforts.


Only if they are on ingame vendors either NPC’s or player made. Never in cash shops or loot boxes.


Yeah. I feel like cosmetics are the best way to support a game beyond subscribing without changing game design.


I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars since I started playing MMOs in 1999 on cosmetics.

A trend I really dislike is having to spend $10 to fix up your characters appearance in the character creator. A lot of games you look different in character creation as opposed to in game. Worst was Aion – they didn’t even let you change your hair style without spending $10.

Maggie May

I agree totally, GW2 I must have remade my chars a dozen times be they looked nothing like I thought I made.n


I bought Silver in Destiny 2 this week for exactly one reason; to get enough Bright Dust to buy the Eye of Osiris skin for Prometheus Lens.