MMO Week in Review: Wild West Online’s delay and PvP switcharoo (December 10, 2017)

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We weren’t surprised at all to find out this week that Wild West Online wasn’t actually going to make its planned Steam early access launch this year and will instead delay into 2018. But most of us were surprised to hear that one of the reasons is that the game is basically giving up on its free-for-all PvP system, which is probably for the best as the bounty system as it stood was ineffective. Instead, the developers will be implementing a faction-based PvP system, sans corpse looting, in an attempt to reduce griefing and teamkilling. It might rope in more MMORPG players, but we’re doubting the early adopters are too happy.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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Melissa McDonald

Ah yes I don’t think early adopters were huge PvP fans. I heard lots of “accents” and “voice characterizations” in the chat channel. My perception is the early adopters were more interested in playing a western, and with some measure of RP.

Roger Melly

The minute I heard about faction based pvp and no corpse looting I instantly became a lot more interested in this game . Had to look up the word “sans” because it’s not a word that is in common use in the UK .

Why doesn’t a game like Crowfall at least offer servers with a similar option ? That is a game I would love to play but from past experience of such “hard core” pvp games I know it’s probably not going to have the most social community to say the least .

Grave Knight

And now I’m interested in it.

Kickstarter Donor



Isn’t that basically what ArchAge did? I mean…it was going to be FFA but ended up being a weird faction-based thing with heavy flagging in many areas, safe havens, and yadda, yadda.