OrbusVR starts early access on December 15th with no more wipes

That headline is a bit of a misnomer; everyone who hasn’t already purchased OrbusVR will have to wait until December 15th for early access, but people who have already bought the game will be able to get even earlier access on December 13th. And it’s all still for keeps regardless, as the official announcement is quick to point out that this is the point of no more wipes and no more resets. Everything that happens from this point onward is going to stick with your character.

Director Riley Dutton stresses that the game is still in early access and there’s still much more to be done, but it’s also in a place where you can play and enjoy everything the game has to offer from low levels on upward, which means that it’s a prime time for an early launch. Check out screenshots and the already released early access trailer below, and mark your calendar for the full not-quite-technically-launch on Friday.

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