Santa goes missing in RuneScape, panic ensues


People: This is not, I repeat, not a drill. Kris Kringle is missing in RuneScape, and Christmas might have to be canceled entirely. Or this could be an opportunity for a new and exciting quest, because that’s just how our brains are wired.

RuneScape sent out a press release announcing that Santa has gone missing this season in the new quest, “The G-Nome Project.” Jolly Saint Nick was apparently trying to turn a clockwork Gnome into a real boy (Pinocchio-Christmas fanfic writers are going nuts right about now) when he vanished. Now players have to find him, save Christmas, and plunder the depths of Santa’s bag for the best loot.

Whether or not Santa is found, all players will enjoy a 50% XP boost and icy cosmetic effect through January 8th. There is also a daily advent calendar that offers free gifts for anyone who logs in to claim them.

Source: Press release