Warframe celebrates the season with gift-giving and caroling

Is it better to give or to get at Christmas? With Warframe, the answer this year is “both.”

The sci-fi shooter welcomes Tennobaum this week (pause for that pun to sink in), and during this event players are being encouraged to give in-game gifts to others. The more this is done, the greater the donation that Digital Extremes will be making to the Children’s Health Foundation. Also, when the community crosses certain thresholds of gifts given, Warframe will pay out rewards to all players.

Additionally, Warframe is holding a Carol of the Tenno contest in which fans are encouraged to take a famous Christmas Carol and insert references to the game. Platinum and even Mirage Prime access are at stake as prizes.

Source: Warframe, #2, #3. Thanks Sophiskiai!

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