Wild Terra announces launch for December 18th

Oh. All right.

‘Tis the season for surprise launches, fa la la la and so on. Wild Terra is officially launching on December 18th, bringing the game out of its test state and into the wild and woolly world of just being live. It’s a process starting on December 15th, with the game shutting down its current servers and forcing you to pick which of your characters you most urgently want transferred to the new live server.

Veteran supporters of the title will get a bit of a headstart, though; they’ll be able to play on the new servers over the weekend, with the first wave of players being admitted on December 16th. But December 18th remains the for-real big-time actual launch, and it will be difficult if not impossible for it to be more launched. So start thinking about who you want to save among your characters now, and prepare for the transition this weekend.

Source: Steam page
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