Skyforge launches a Demonic Dawn on PlayStation 4

Let’s not mince words: You’re going to see lots of updates this month that are all about red suits with white fur linings, snow, green pine trees festooned with ornaments, that sort of stuff. But not in Skyforge on the PlayStation 4, no. There it’s demon time. The game just launched its Demonic Dawn update, and that means fighting demons infected by the sickness out of space, which is also infecting space itself, led by the evil Nihaz.

As is so often the case in Skyforge, you’ll be fighting to push back the demonic invaders on multiple fronts, eventually running through a 10-player instance to take on Nihaz directly and send him and his demonic space-virus from space forces back to where they came from. (Which, again, is space.) Check out a video for the update just below. You might think that all of this space virus stuff is a bit silly, but hey, at least it’s not another update full of reindeer.

Source: press release
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Jdawg Playsgames

wow…that looks truly terrible.