Duke Nukem and Serious Sam headline Wild Buster’s early access

Why is this world.

Hack-and-slash Wild Buster is here to kick butt and chew gum — and it’s all out of gum.

InselGames’ MMOARPG entered Steam early access today, allowing players in after a $20 entrance fee. To draw attention to this game, two action stars have been hauled out of retirement for another tour of duty. Both Serious Sam and Duke Nukem are among the roster of playable characters for launch.

Wild Buster touts “full-fledged MMO systems” such as guilds, an auction house, crafting, fishing, and raids. So now you can live out your greatest fantasy of seeing Duke Nukem fish and drink beer. Probably more of the latter.

Take a look at the launch trailer after the break and see if this game might be right for you!

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Castagere Shaikura

Man i loved me some Serious Sam back in the day. Still have the disc for SS 1 and 2 but can’t get them to work on windows 10.

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Thanks to some of the creepy shite that Gearbox let pass in Duke Nukem Forever, I tend to think of Duke as the Harvey Weinstein of game characters now.

Hopefully Serious Sam will keep Duke in line. Sam doesn’t tolerate stupid behavior; Sam IS serious, after all.

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Did you play the original Duke Nukems and Duke Nukem 3D? He’s… always been skeezy.


This must be the largest amount of baddassery any publisher tried to stuff in a game since Carbine, even without the cameos of of historical videogame heroes the presentation and style gets me a large amount of wildstar-vibes… nearly expected to hear “cupcake” at some point.

I suppose they aim to entice the same audience, minus possibly the unhealthy hard-core elitism?


Heh. Worth a look.

If only to hear Duke say. “Dance for me.”