Mabinogi doles out chain slash weapons while Hyper Universe offers free play weekend


You know how your parents told you never to play with knives? Well, they never said anything about long whips with razor blades on them, and Mabinogi is here to help you out with that.

The fantasy sandbox added chain blades to the game and the talent to wield them. Players have to generate “dark energy” to use chain slash skills, which include recovery abilities and team buffs. There’s also a new Baltane challenge mission to tackle after you get used to whipping the universe to shreds.

Over in another one of Nexon’s titles, Hyper Universe is hosting a free play “weekend” from December 15th through the 20th prior to the game’s upcoming launch. The 2-D MOBA, which includes many pop culture homages, will be half-off on Steam through January 4th to help. And because that’s not enough, the game’s also activating some holiday-themed maps and skins over the break.

Source: Press release
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Mabinogi getting any kind of update is cool, but that character design completely clashes with the style of the game.


They started throwing away all the Nordic references more and more over the years with cash shop items. I preferred the games aesthetic up until G10.

flamethekid .

due to certain events we ended up creating an even bigger hole in the universe than the one we fell into erinn from

so everything is a toss up now i guess