MMOs you’ve never heard of: Rogalia, Lazarus, Dead Maze, We Ride, and SOS


Welcome back to our intermittent series on MMOs and other multiplayer games you you’ve never heard of! Let’s run down five more floating to the top of the pile this month.


First up is a Russian indie MMO called Rogalia that I first heard of thanks to former Massively columnist Jeremy Stratton (heya Jeremy!). It’s cute and cartoony and will definitely appeal to old-school isometric sandbox players with its crisp cartoon graphics and detailed UI. Combine all that with the gameplay and it’ll remind you more of Ultima Online than most games that namedrop it! It’s currently $12 on Steam, though it’s set to launch out of early access at some point this month, when the price will likely increase.


We haven’t talked about this space MMOARPG in a year, so here’s a good spot to do so. Spilt Milk Studios’ massive roguelike is still space-truckin’. In November, it ran a stress test with 350 players, while a week ago it patched up with its biggest update to date; among other features, this one is PvE-only as of now. This is one of the SpatialOS games, do note, and it’s still slated for a launch this month.

Dead Maze

Dead Maze is a zombie survivalbox, but unlike most games that fall under that category, it’s not a ganker’s paradise. In fact, it’s all co-op. And it’s just hit closed beta. “With the start of the closed beta, players can discover the destroyed world of Dead Maze, build their new home and craft their own supplies, team up with their friends and battle the dozens of different types of zombies, using over 200 different items and weapons,” says French dev Atelier 801. Launch is expected next year. Stay tuned for a future MOP stream of the game!

We Ride

MOP reader Dalton tipped us off to We Ride, an isometric indie sandbox throwback that will appeal to folks looking for a hardcore FFA PvP experience. Here’s the dev’s pitch:

“Do you look back with nostalgia to when online games were still actually exciting? Are you waiting for that next MMORPG that will bring back all those amazing adventures? Look no more! I’m building WE RIDE in an attempt to bring that ultimate online PVP thrill back from the RPG’s of the 90’s. Also, I want it to be hard as hell. No magically flaming swords, no mighty castles. No, you live in a barren desert, you’re gonna get killed and looted, and you’re gonna love it!”


Finally, there’s S.O.S., the Survivor-style survival sandbox where 16 players basically fight each other and the island over 30 minutes in order to win. “It’s like if LOST and PUBG had a baby,” as we’ve previously joked. MJ’s streamed the game already, which ought to be a good tease for the closed beta, which began earlier this week and runs through the weekend.

Know of more MMOs we’ve never covered? Drop us a tip! We love to hear about them!


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Robert Mann

Hmm. Not really an isometric fan for non-turn based gameplay. I always feel like the restrictions on view distance are too tight so they can show off art.

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Loyal Patron

Rogalia worth trying, this IS UO but with bright colors .. or at least it looks like that in screenshots.

Kickstarter Donor

Rogalia seems pretty fun. I’ve been playing for a little while and I like it. But, I don’t play as much as I used to. Anyway, it’s got a Salem/Haven and Hearth feel to it. But, its PVE for the most part. In response to a reviewer the dev said that while the game is open pvp, he’s leaning toward it being mostly PVE. (Carebears, rejoice?).

Oleg Chebeneev

Dat “We Ride” trailer lmao. Wtf


Oh man, a new indie game focused on ffa hardcore pvp, finally!


Can’t tell if sarcasm


you’re gonna get killed and looted, and you’re gonna love it!

Nope. I won’t.

And S.O.S? 16 players? 30 minute games? That hardly counts as a MMORPG. It’s multiplayer, but not massive, and doesn’t sound like it would have any RPG elements with that length.

At best it could be called a MO.


How is S.O.S. an MMO? Kind of like calling PUBGs an MMO and this has less players per round.


Sandbox,sandbox friggin more sandbox and then some survival thrown in. I long for a theme park tab targeting mmorpg *sigh* the good ole days.


Mama WoW will take you back. Mama WoW will always take you back. Mama WoW don’t care what you done, son.

Chosenxeno .

Well there’s Pantheon but they are turning the clock back to far for my liking. Steparu has video of A:IR and it’s Tab! I believe Ashes of Creation is Tab and Bless will have Tab and Action. Tab is still alive and kicking:)

P.S. I also despise sandboxes. I like a clearly defined goal. POINT OUT THE BAD GUY AND I WILL…stand safely in the back while healing the people that are killing him….