EVE Online has a galactic-sized economy dump for you

Do you miss the feeling of being in school and staring, cross-eyed, at all sorts of graphs and charts in your classes? If so, you’re both a little odd and in complete luck today. EVE Online recently put out another one of its economy info-dumps for the community to parse and use in their corporate conquests.

There are a lot of graphs here. A lot of graphs. Among the info shared is the comparison between destruction and production, how much was destroyed by regions, and imports and exports. Some of the graphs take the form of maps that show where the most item destruction took place over November.

It’s pretty obvious from these charts that the Forge region absolutely dominates the market trade value in much the same way that the sun dominates the total land mass of the solar system.¬†Another chart showed some of the biggest ISK faucet (bounty prizes, commodities) and the biggest ISK sinks (skills, brokers fees). Interestingly enough, repair bills were miniscule compared to other red line items.

Source: EVE Online

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