Wild Terra officially launches out of early access today


It’s a big day for Wild Terra, as the indie isometric sandbox we’ve been watching for years is officially launching today on Steam. No more early access! The B2P MMO is regularly $14.99 but should be marked down 34% when it launches at noon.

The launch update opens four more servers for a mix of hardcore, casual, PvE, PvP, and regional choices. It also tweaks the crafting UI, resources, equipment popups, and miscellaneous bugs. Further, Jutvy Worlds says, “Due to the opening of new servers, mines, sieges and auctions are temporarily disabled so that all have equal chances for development and their capture. About the end of the restrictions will be notified in the news. For the same reasons, the appearance of monsters in the Corrupted Lands is temporarily disabled.”

The launch trailer is tucked down below along with our last stream of the game – anyone giving it a go? We’ll be streaming it on OPTV this afternoon, so stay tuned!

Here’s a quick look at our past coverage of the game to now!

Source: Steam

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