ARK Park has been delayed to spring 2018 for ‘polish and optimization’


I’m afraid ARK Park, the virtual reality spin-off of ARK Survival Evolved led by Snail Games, is not going to make its planned December launch on PSVR. You probably figured that out when you realized there’s not much time left to launch in. In fact, as Snail Games announced today, the game has been delayed to the spring of next year because it “is still in development.”

“We are truly sorry for any disappointment this delay might cause,” Snail writes. “It warms our heart to see so many of you can’t wait to get your hands on ARK Park. As much as we are just as excited to see the final result, the game needs a bit more polish and optimization. We are firm believers in publishing a game only when it is fully developed.”

When launched, the game is expected to boast 10 maps, dino breeding mechanics, multiplayer activities, a puzzle-like crafting-and-discovery system, and a battle mode.

Source: Press release

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Well, what do you know. Wildcard and Snail ARE a good match after all. :P


They forgot to announce the expansion, me thinks.

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Oh an ARK product delayed well I never

Melissa McDonald

If those screenshots are real and true, it’s worth buying a visor for. Hi beams! :)

Only problem is that the new Samsung Windows Mixed Reality visor has higher resolution than any of them and is getting good reviews. Might still keep me on the sidelines – If I’m going to plunk down $400 I want the hands-down best one available. Right now it’s probably still the Vive, but only in matters of room presence – Rift wins for controllers and, (Most say), comfort and wearability. If ARK Park is all about moving around in the VR space (room presence), then I would still choose Vive. Hoping the Sammy gets certified along with the HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer models that have partnered with Microsoft.