Dauntless drops a winter event for everyone through January


Just because the game is still in testing doesn’t mean that Dauntless can’t take part in the fun of the winter holidays. The Frostfall event is running until early January (a specific date isn’t yet given), and it gives hunters of all skill levels a chance to take part in some seasonal merriment.

Said seasonal merriment, of course, starts with fighting enormous monsters, because this is a game where you fight giant monsters. New hunts are available to challenge you, along with new customization options for your banner and new consumable campfires.

There are also new emotes, new titles, and even a cosmetic helm to show the world that you took the time between bouts of monster slaying to really enjoy the glory of the season. (Or that you enjoyed the glory of the season by slaying monsters. It’s a fine line.) If you prefer to have all of this explained to you via video, there’s one just below to fill you in on what awaits within the seasonal event.


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