Mobile MMO roundup: Pokemon Go, Like A Boss, Arena of Valor, Wargaming, Mu Origin, and mobile demographics


Welcome back to another mobile MMO roundup, maybe possibly giving you something fun to do on your phones while you’re stuck at various holiday events this season!

Players are either happy or grumpy with Pokemon Go, as apparently the game is scheduling random raids (which are hard enough to come by generally) for Christmas day. Because it needs to be said again: This is literally the worst raiding system in any MMO ever and I can’t believe there isn’t more rage.

Like A Boss isn’t an MMORPG, but like Little Healer, it does mock MMORPGs with a Dungeon Keeper twist, and it’s available on mobile now. “Now it’s time to become the Boss in the role-playing fantasy world you know from MMOs, but this time it’s your territory that is being invaded, your riches, and your minions that are being ransacked!”

Arena of Valor is here! What the heck is Arena of Valor? It’s the Chinese mobile MOBA you probably know better as Honour of Kings, one of the mobile games consistently topping the top 10 global revenue rankings from SuperData every month. Literally, it’s already the biggest mobile game in the world by revenue, and that was before it launched in the west. This is a big deal. Tencent has launched the game globally today on both Android and iOS.

Watch for mobile goodies coming out of Wargaming in the future: The company known for its stable of “World of X” MMOs announced a partnership with Gunslinger Studios today, vowing to “publish mobile combat RPG games” and “deliver deep gaming goodness in short bursts to the mobile audience.”

Mobile MMO Mu Origin has a new update this week called Battlefield of Emperor. The battlefield itself is a 20v20 brawl, but the patch also includes a new tarot card system, costume wardrobe system, companion arena, level cap bump, more floors for Endless Tower, an emblem system, and guild diplomacy mechanics (it’s basically an alliance system).

Finally, analytics firm DeltaDNA (via GIbiz) has a report out arguing that women are more valuable customers on mobile than men. Women apparently are more likely to own and use a “premium” device on Android than men and are more likely to use an iPhone than men too, which may surprise you as both genders own consoles roughly evenly. And in the mobile market, more women than men actually drop money on games as well.

“This results in a total value of $1.57 for each female player vs. $1.09 for every man, and so we can see, women are effectively worth 44% more than men. […] This has powerful implications for mobile game publishers. A female-focused game simply has a much greater chance of being profitable than a male-focused one. Given that women tend to like puzzle and casino games that are also much less expensive to produce and maintain the economics of making male-focused action and strategy games are hard to justify.”


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