Skyforge offers sales, events, and an advent calendar for the winter holiday

In Skyforge, the player characters are deities, and they have to save everyone from everything. That is their lot in life. You’ve no doubt saved people from aliens, saved places from invasion, and saved coupons from being wasted unnecessarily at shopping centers. Now you can also be sure to save Christmas, or the nearest approximation thereof, with the winter events running in the game right now. Attire, boosters, and all the rest await you. (Also snowballs, most likely.)

The game is also running its annual advent calendar, offering daily rewards for players and a larger meta-reward for those who continually check back in. Plus, the game is kicking off sales starting on December 20th, starting with the Knowledge of Enemies sale before moving on to the Hall of Trophies sale and ending with a Celestial Blockbuster sale. (And if you think several of those sound like good band names, well, go start a band.) So there are lots of reasons to feel festive in the game, even if your character Ronald has had less luck with “Ronaldmas” as this year’s holiday.


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