What are the odds that Blizzard is making a Diablo MMORPG?

I don't even know any more.

Over at MMORPG.com, one of the writers has formulated an intriguing theory that Blizzard is actually in the process of creating a Diablo MMORPG which will be announced next year.

The hypothesis mostly is based on a few factors from last month’s BlizzCon, including the lack of a Diablo presence at all and the seemingly rushed announcement of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. The author argues that Blizzard originally wanted to announce the Diablo MMO, but since it wasn’t quite ready, it hurried the announcement of Battle for Azeroth before it intended to share that with the community.

When you throw in other elements such as Blizzard leeching WoW members for other projects and hiring devs with “massively multiplayer” experience, it’s enough to make you pause and go “hm.”

World of Warcraft feels as if it’s wrapping up to either end completely or to go into maintenance mode,” the author argues. “Diablo is obviously an IP that could be very easily be adapted to a multiplayer online game far larger than it is right now […] Diablo is the best of Blizzard’s existing IPs for transition from what it is now to full-blown MMO.”

What do you think about the odds of this happening? Does the author have a point or is this theory built on flimsy assumptions and thin connections?

Source: MMORPG.com
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I dont think there is a snowballs chance in hell that WoW is wrapping up or going into maintenance mode. How does anyone even come up with that kind of logic when WoW still has millions of players? Yes, I do believe the next expansion is a weak one and really doesnt excite me, but I dont see it being a sign that the end is coming.

Im not so optimistic that a Diablo MMO is coming, but Blizzard if you are reading this GIVE ME THAT GAME NOW! I would play a Diablo MMO in a second. I always enjoyed the darker world Diablo is in and would love to see that expanded into a MMO.

Rolan Storm

“What do you think about the odds of this happening?”
Slight to none.

But for the record – I’d love to play one.

Jeffery Witman

Give me a Star Craft MMO instead and I’ll be there. Three strong factions with amazing stories and internal conflicts in addition to the faction conflicts and the political intrigue between them all. Lots of existing classes, equipment, and the possibility of being able to pilot space ships, or use them as mounts. You can endlessly expand by opening new planets instead of having to make new continents or interdimensional rifts or whatever. Resources, crafting and buildings are already an idea within the franchise.

In addition, it’s hugely popular in eastern markets and in esports already. When you add that to the existing players that would travel over from WoW, you get an MMO that might be huge, if done right. It has all the makings of an MMO that could fill the gap left by SWG.

Bryan Correll

er, wrong article, deleted

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The only possibility I see of Blizzard creating a new MMO would be if it is for a mobile platform similar to Lineage 2 Revolution.

Robert Mann

It would likely be a new cash cow for them… and years ago I might have played.

As it stands, they are still on my naughty list, and even if they were not the writing in their games has been very poor since BC at the least (maybe before that.) I am somebody that is important to, and it leaves me feeling let down so often in so many MMOs (and I often leave them.)


I think it is highly unlikely and it doesn’t match Blizzard’s typical business practice.

Blizzard are experts at releasing polished games into emerging genres. They make their money by being the first polished game and thus appearing to be the best that is currently available. They wait for a genre to prove itself as sustainable, they steal ideas from other devs and cobble it together into something polished and accessible to the masses. That strategy works extremely well.

So, a Diablo MMO?

The MMO market is not doing well. There are no emerging trends that Blizzard can take advantage of. There are tons of highly polished, accessible MMOs already on the market, so Blizz would have to innovate to get a suitably large share…..something they’re not good at.

The only way I could see it working is if they went the sandbox route. Whilst few have released, there are a ton of indie sandboxes in development so there is a definite market, but as nothing has succeeded (yet!) Blizz would be taking a massive risk in developing their own. However, we’ve never had a AAA sandbox MMO, Blizz could be the first and it could be a massive hit that reignites the genre. I just don’t think Blizzard would actually take that risk, not yet. In a few more years once all the indies have released, sure, but now?

Much more likely is an Anthem-style game or another survival game. The survival genre is begging for a AAA entry so Blizz could make a killing there if they got in quickly.

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I hope so, Warcraft is stale and I’ve been wanting to explore the Diablo universe for a long time.


I would throw a ton of cash, this very moment, at a World of Diablocraft.

That is, as long as it isn’t a MOBA or survival game. Ugh.

If it’s an MMORPG, I’m all in.

Threevo V

10 years ago i would have been excited but to be frank, seeing how they handled diablo 3 aesthetically with the complete departure if an actually mature game that is grim and macabre to what ended up being a ham fisted campy, wow esque conversion. I have zero interest in an mmo based on modern blizzard writing and demohraphic appeasement based on the diablo universe.

An mmo with the thematic style, atmosphere and tone of the d1 and d2 that is also no afraid of being rated M and catered to a mature audience, then i would gladly welcome it.