Black Desert’s version of Santa is dropping Christmas trees and t-bone steaks

Black Desert is pretty much synonymous with wacky events, so it’ll come as no surprise at all that Kakao has gotten into the spirit of the winter holidays with its “Drop! Drop! Drop!” event kicking off today. Expect an old dude on a sleigh flinging free stuff at you, everything from Christmas trees and magic carpets and hats to experience scrolls and roast chickens and t-bone steaks – because this is MMORPGs and who’s gonna stop them? Nobody, that’s who. Memory fragments and golden items will also be dropping from mobs. So tell the fam you’ve got to get farming!

For those fond of more traditional pursuits, there’s tree-trimming going on in the capitals too, plus minor tweaks to the classes. This will indeed be the last patch of the year. Enjoy it!


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Dug From The Earth

Guess I should “pop-in” to see whats up.


Santa haaaaaaaaaat

Yoshi Senpai

Mine from last year changes my hair blue which makes it useless.

I hope they fix that.

Toy Clown

Can’t you dye the hair part on the hats? I was able to last year to match my character’s hair color.