Chronicles of Elyria dives into friends and family alpha


While Chronicles of Elyria’s backers should be getting into the game’s alpha and beta tests next year, a select fortunate few are already enjoying an ongoing “friends and family” alpha test.

Soulbound Studios announced that the test is already underway: “This month, we’ve reached a huge milestone: our Friends and Family closed alpha. Chronicles of Elyria is now up and running on private servers for our friends and family to access outside of the studio — huzzah! We’re already learning a lot about the the performance profile of the game and are eager for our Alpha 1 backers to join us online in early 2018.”

In this week’s newsletter, the team reported progress on many fronts. This includes an Unreal Engine character creation tool and more biomes for starter tribes. And while the development team is taking off a little bit of time for the holidays, it is ramping up work on VoxElyria, combat, and crafting. Fans also should look forward to an end-of-the-year wrap-up in the near future.

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