Crowfall’s gods demand your sacrifice


In an effort to create “moment-to-moment” gameplay and progression for players to enjoy in short bursts, Crowfall’s team has come up with a new system designed to fill in the gaps between major activities. This system is called, apparently, divine sacrifice.

Through this system players will collect resources and items to sacrifice to the gods for divine favor. Said resources can be found through PvE, exploring, harvesting, PvP, and so on. As favor builds up, players receive attribute points to invest in their character’s stats, giving a way to progress even if nothing is happening in PvP.

“The goals of this system are to push players out into the world and force interaction with others (both positive and negative),” ArtCraft said, “to strengthen the player’s emotional attachment to their character, and to provide a series of simple ‘what’s next?’ goals that drive players to stay in the game, thus creating the critical mass for the multi-player game loops to trigger.”

Source: Crowfall

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