The best Massively OP streams of 2017

Move it move it.

As captain of our Stream Team, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie and Larry Everett were joined by Andrew Ross this year to play zillions of games live, some old and some new, providing our community with an interactive look at some of the games in (and around) our genre. I’ve picked out my 10 favorites from the year, from sunsets and interviews to early access MMO sneak-peeks and even a group stream for the launch of one of the year’s biggest MMO expansions. Let’s dig in!

Farewell to Marvel Heroes

Wild West Online’s early access

Elder Scrolls Online live interview

Albion Online’s launch

Star Wars Galaxies’ birthday in the emulator

Secret World Legends’ reboot

Revelation Online’s soft launch

The Repopulation’s return

EVE Online’s 14th birthday

Kritika Online’s closed beta

City of Heroes’ Paragon Chat anniversary with the team

The Asheron’s Call franchise sunsets

Landmark’s sunset

House hunting in Elder Scrolls Online with Larry & Bree

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire with MJ, Tina, & Bree


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I suprised myself realizing how many of these I had seen either at the time or on YT shortly afterward. Thanks for all the great streams!

Kickstarter Donor

Eh… 10… 15… But who is counting? :P


I don’t watch many game streams but I vividly remember MJ’s rage stream from when Next was canceled.


Did Brendan bribe you to include EVE?

There should be some SMITE AdventureQuest3D or Everquest2 in this list.

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie

I was asked to pick and add, but I had so much trouble choosing! I couldn’t pick which AQ3D to put in, or which SMITE!

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Loyal Patron

Thank you MJ, Larry and the team, wish you the best of luck in 2018


Use a beautiful BDO screenshot as the header image and don’t even include a BDO stream.