Crowfall overhauls keybinding extensively


Keybinding is important when you’re playing any sort of game with active combat. Perhaps you really like to have all of your action keys on the numpad, control your movement with the number keys, or some other weird control configuration. Crowfall will let you work with just that when it adds in a new keybinding system designed to give you more control functionality. That means the ability to rebind everything outside of a handful of system-based keys (like Escape and Enter) to whatever you so desire.

The keybinding system will also support modifier keys, so you could have one command bound to C, another bound to Shift + C, and another bound to Alt + C. Last but not least, the control schemes will be modal; you can have a different binding schematic if you’re in the Eternal Kingdoms mode as opposed to one of the game’s campaign worlds. The game already won our Most Anticipated award, so this should help make it just a bit more worthy of anticipation for players.


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Melissa McDonald

I know there are some commenters here who are keenly interested in UI and shortcuts and keybindings, to the extent that it’s a make-or-break feature to them… so good news.


Yes very much so. Not interested in crowfall at all but complete control over keybinds should be a standard, whereas it is actually not.

Many good game chased me off because they insisted that I’d have to remap my brain patterns just for the privilege of playing them… I am looking at you, GW2.

Rolan Storm

Especially right for PvP games, so kudos Crowfall team.