Destiny’s forbidden Music of the Spheres album is leaked


One of the oddest sagas in video game soundtrack history continues this month. Destiny fans might recall that there was a major companion album in the works for the game called Music of the Spheres — one that never got released. Created by Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori, and Paul McCartney, the album was finished and then shelved due to a legal dispute between O’Donnell and Bungie.

While one fan attempted to piece together the album last year (and did a fairly good job), now the full, complete album has been leaked and is available for fans to listen to, as long as it stays up.

“Not every day something you write (‘Hope Shines Brightest in the Dark’) ends up being sung by a Beatle,” tweeted former Bungie writer Joseph Staten. “Glad [Music of the Spheres] is finally out for all to hear.”

Music of the Spheres is available to listen on SoundCloud and YouTube, and we’ve got the full album for you below.

Source: PC Gamer

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Very nice. Glad to have this dl


Cool. No, seriously. Pretty cool. The music is good. Not totally my bag of tunes, but some good work there.

But, what’s the catch? Bungie is going to have this taken down, right? Or is it a spring board to some other nefarious enterprise? Do these “leaked” releases encode something on your system that allows Bungie to sell and ship your PC or mobile device to the highest bidder?

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Bungie makes a pathetic attempt at grabbing back some goodwill by releasing something that cost them nothing but was on “accident”. It’s a Festivus miracle.