Fan puts together a lengthy set of dreams for a Marvel MMO

Maybe needed.

Perhaps you’re sad about the loss of Marvel Heroes because you really enjoyed it. Perhaps you’re not sad about losing the game, but you recognize that it was a game a lot of people greatly enjoyed and you’re reeling from that loss. Heck, perhaps you’d really like to have a proper Marvel MMO to enjoy. All of these are totally valid! And perhaps you use all of this as a reason to make a page full of ideas about how to make an MMO based on the Marvel universe, which is… something less than the best idea.

If you’re unclear on why this might not be a great idea, we would like to remind you that the IP in question is owned by an incredibly litigious company that has gone out of its way to extend US copyright protection for decades. This is also not the way that MMOs get made or designed. But if you’d like to see what amounts to fanfic about a game that does not exist, there’s at least plenty for you to read.

Source: Fan Site
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