Rend plans alpha test for Q1 2018


You know what’s one of the best remedies for the post-holiday blues? All of the excitement of MMO year previews and new rounds of testing that tend to start in January. Rend is doing its part to bolster spirits, as the PvP sandbox announced that it will be kicking off its alpha test sometime in the next three months.

“Our next big step will be launching the Rend alpha in the first quarter of 2018,” Frostkeep Studios said. “We will initially begin with a brief round of Friends & Family testing to establish client build readiness and server stability before opening up alpha testing to our earlier pre-alpha players who will have immediate access. We will increase the tester pool over time and as needed, adding in waves of players who previously signed up for pre-alpha (no need to re-register on the website).”

The studio said that while the test will be under a “strict media embargo,” players won’t have to sign an NDA but will instead be encouraged to talk about it among the gaming community.

Source: Rend

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Hey look at that, it looks like a game with no HUD/UI ! Awesome!




I honestly hope that they’ve already started their Friends and Family testing. Or at the very least some large-scale group testing internally to represent the figures in that trailer; and not have it be some pre-rendered bots.

But the game looks snazzy. I hope they find that “sweet spot” for survival builder sandbox games. Most have issues with it taking too long to reach a sustainable survival build, only to have it then bum rushed by the AI apocalypse or by griefing players. And then…..and then, it’s all cleared and time to start all over. At that point the player base all but gives up and moves on to the next shinny sandbox to see if it got it more right.