The Daily Grind: What’s your earliest MMO memory?

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As I’ve alluded in the past, my earliest MMO memory is about doing something that I would later learn was an enormous faux pas. I asked another player in Final Fantasy XI for some gil. Fortunately for me, he was kind enough to give it to me; also fortunately for both of us, I paid him back promptly and apologized for being rude. We weren’t the best of friends, but we were pleasant acquaintances. So that worked out well even though it ought not to have worked at all.

You would think that my earliest memory would be my first combat experience, or creating my character, or the rather impressive opening cinematic for the time… but no, it was begging in the street. So let’s take a trip down memory lane together. What’s your earliest MMO memory, good or bad? Does it make you cringe to look back on it now, or do you just sort of shrug and figure it was part of the process of learning?

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Chris B

Final Fantasy XI – My first day playing my first MMO. I went out doing some exploring and got myself killed in Ghelsba Outpost. A high level group happened to be passing through and the leader found my dead body and offered me help. He raised me and ordered his clan mates to help escort me out. They gave me gil and some gear on top of that. Left me with positive feelings about MMOs…..that died as soon as I played WoW.

Rolan Storm

There are first and first I guess.

Meridian 59 with dial-up connection was not something I was interested in. And that’s the first I remember. Nothing special, just run-of-the-mill ‘let’s try it – meh – moved on’.

A few years later – Everquest. Wood elven city. Those platforms, remember? Underdark. Magical, alluring experience. Something dreamy that took shape in reality. Guess that’s the first one that counts and that made me MMORPG player.

Nathan Aldana

the first day i tried ff11 at a friends house. and was awed by the whole thing


Logging into Anarchy Online for the first time, 2001. An amazing experience never to be repeated.

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Running up the coast at sunrise on the way Freeport on my Dark Elf rogue in EQOA in 2002.

Jay Madison

Repeatedly falling off of Kelethin in pitch black nighttime, 5 minutes after creating my first character on my Uncle’s EQ1 account.

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Opening my Ultima Online bx, pulling out the cloth map and a shiny coin and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I was such an Ultima fanbois lol

matt gourley

1998 Ultima online… Jst started minging and was in the Minax mine .. with a full ox and inventory a red named “Joxx” said “pay me $$$ as this is my mine” Of Course I didn’t listen and my ox and me bit the dirt.. It was the first time a game gave me such emotion. I as hooked right then and there. i rote the guys name down and vowed to kill him over and over when i was stronger. Gawd, i miss uo

Diane Bradley

August 30, 2000. I finally got up the nerve to log into Asheron’s Call, having let it sit on the shelf for three weeks. My character found herself in a little training hall in Holtburg, where I learned to move around, target, and attack monsters. I went on to join a monarchy (made it all the way to Queen once) and kill thousands of Olthoi in countless dungeons. We didn’t seem to mind the grind in those days.


Killing snakes outside Kaladim entrance in everquest 1999, and training the guards a lot. I had played a bit of UO and mud before that, but I have no clear memory of those apart from getting lost in a mud and trying to draw the route on paper and also failing at that :D