Final Fantasy XIV previews the new dungeons for patch 4.2

Here we are again, and we're looking at each other as if each other was to blame.
Dungeons! They’re important. They’re also not really dungeons in the traditional sense, considering that no one is imprisoned in either of the two dungeons Final Fantasy XIV is adding with patch 4.2. One of them is just there because the Scions of the Seventh Dawn need money, you see, because the organization has been losing members and money at a swift rate without any actual income to back it up. So now you’re venturing into Hells’ Lid, which is supposedly home to an ancient oni.

The nature of the game being what it is, that means it is almost certainly home to that ancient oni, and said oni is looking forward to fighting you.

For those interested in advancing the cause of science through dungeoneering, you’ll be happy to know that the hard more of Fractal Continuum is all about exploring these Allagan ruins for the benefits of the Garlond Ironworks. Of course, there are still new ancient weapons stirring deep within the facility that will no doubt require some rather vigorous deactivation, but you were going into a dungeon. You knew what you were getting into.

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