Jeremy Soule releases a preview album for his long-awaited Kickstarter symphony


Backers of Jeremy Soule’s 2013 Kickstarter campaign are still awaiting the long-promised symphony by the video game composer, but at least they have a consolation prize to provide companionship over the holiday break.

Soule recently released The Northerner Diaries, a 12-track, 54-minute selection of vignettes and preview pieces of his still-upcoming Northerner Symphony album. It appears that the Diaries are only available to backers of the Kickstarter campaign, so you either have it or you don’t right now.

“The Northerner Diaries are my virtual orchestral and choir ‘sketches’ as I work towards the completion of my Symphony 1,” Soule said. “These recordings represent wild and unfiltered ideas created in the same vein as concept art that you might see from an artist prior to the commencement of an oil painting.”

The enormous delay of Soule’s symphony has produced a protracted backlash against the composer as the wait for his final work has stretched on for four years now with no signs of an end.

Source: Facebook. Thanks PaganRites!

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As said in the article, this dude is a great music composer but a terrible business man. He still owes hundreds, if thousands of ordered copies of his original Guildwars 2 score back in 2012 and still hasn’t for filled them. Ordering from him is almost guaranteed theft of your money.

Check out the comments section from MOP’s last post on this.

Another year passes and Jeremy Soule’s Kickstarter album is still unreleased