PSA: Crowfall is retiring its current pledge packages on December 31

Be the first on your streetj to give us money!

We can assure you with absolute certainty that after the end of this year, Crowfall will still be willing to take your money. But we can also assure you with absolute certainty that it will no longer reward your money after the end of the year with the game’s current pledge packages, which are being retired on December 31st. So if you want to give the developers money for these specific things? You should do that sooner rather than later.

Of course, lots of additional things are going to be happening with Crowfall next year, so if there’s a package that you’ve been eyeing, the case could be made that it’s a smart investment. Or you could just hold off until next year rolls around. Just don’t ask where the pledge packages went on January 1st; you’ve been warned.

Source: Twitter
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Access to Pre-Alpha 2 and all subsequent tests
24 months of VIP membership
Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums!
Digital copy of Crowfall
Thanks in the credits as a 2017 Ruby Patron
2017 Ruby Avatar Frame
2017 Ruby Forum Badge
All 2017 Badges and Frames up to Ruby level
Copy of Digital Soundtrack
Copy of Digital Art Book
Quarterhorse summoning figurine
Warhorse summoning figurine
Nightmare summoning figurine
Three cottages for your personal kingdom
A villa for your personal kingdom
Bonus tax-free parcels of land for your personal kingdom – 20 Total
One cathedral, dedicated to the god of your choice, for your personal kingdom
Exclusive stronghold (Small Castle 2017) for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Baron or Baroness
Access to exclusive Development Partners Forum


I haven’t heard the words “P2W” yet regarding Crowfall yet. Wonder if people have seen what they offer for the extra money.


I used to say it all the time to were it was wearing thin. The problem is fans continue to decry that the Eternal Kingdoms has no effect on campaigns, so it doesn’t count as “P2W” for buying land, castles, and such with real cash at ridiculous prices.

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How exciting.