Path of Exile offers up some stats on the Abyss League, three weeks in

Do you like math? If not… well, you’re not going to like the latest dispatch from Path of Exile because it’s all math. It’s a bunch of important stats about how players are tackling the game’s Abyss League after three weeks of operation. Spoiler warning: Most players have gotten past the first challenge, but there’s a steep dropoff in terms of players who have completed a second challenge on top of that. (It would be easier to read that if someone remembered to label the Y-axis on the graph, though.)

The post also contains stats on the most-used items, passives, and keystones. The unique item lists are based on the challenge type, and some items show up repeatedly; Tabula Rosa, for example, shows up in every type except the bottom layer, while Wildfire and Atziri’s Promise both show up in several lists. If you enjoy looking at stats, this is going to be a fun ride for you.


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