Here’s everything you need to know about World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.3.5

With the community consensus that World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.3.5 will be coming out prior to January 21st, some excitement and interest has been bubbling up over this “mid-sized” content update.

Icy Veins has a great roundup of pretty much everything you need to know about this patch, including the new mounts coming in the Call of the Scarab micro-holiday, the Seething Shore PvP battleground, new rewards for Trial of Style, the Ulduar timewalking raid, and the much-anticipated zone scaling that will revamp the leveling experience.

Perhaps the biggest question mark over this patch is the first wave of allied races. These alternative racial options are a major selling point of the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion, although it appears that four of them, including Highmountain Tauren, will become available well before then. While 7.3.5 will contain the races, mounts, and faction embassies in the data files, it will be up to Blizzard when this content will unlock.

Source: Icy Veins
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Level scaling might just be the thing to get me playing again.
Will level scaling allow you to level characters all the way to max and completey skip WoD and legion content?
I have a stable full of alts and would like to level them without ever going to legion .


No, there are ranges and level minimums because too many people got their pants twisted over the idea of full level scaling. In particular you still need to do WoD and Legion.


Oh that’s not real level scaling. I’m disappointed. I thought it would be fun to take my characters back to all the zones they skipped and have some variety to leveling to cap. Too bad.

Malcolm Swoboda

What it was before:
1)Level through some early Cata (EK/Kal) zones in particular order
2)Struggle through BC then WOTLK
3)Struggle through Cata and Pandaria
4)Struggle through WoD
5)Get in Legion

What one can do now, if desired:
1)Do initial zones, but do early Cata in any order until Lv 60
2)Go through WOTLK, skip BC (or vice versa)
3)Go through Pandaria, skip Cata (or vice versa)
4)Go through WoD (with scaling now; perhaps it’ll merge with Legion later)
5)Get in Legion

So scaling, but not totally. This is more about keeping content relevant.. while you’re doing it… in an order more of your preference.. but only while you’re in the general level range for it, not any level. Friendly to, say, alts they’ll have you do through Allied Races, but not for all character leveling and playing (including endgame).


Woah woah woah, timewaling Raid? Sign me up team, Ulduar is the best content in the game.

Emiliano Lozada

They already introduced this with Timewalking BC raid – Black Temple. Ulduar is next in line as you see.

Toy Clown

I’ve been interested in trying WoW when I heard about the new (ish?) races, but that interest is gone in reading this:

“Unlock Requirements

You must have an existing character of at least level 110 on a realm to create an Allied Race character. Allied Races are also gated behind reputation.”

There’s no way, as someone who’s barely played WoW, that I want to get to lvl 110 and meet faction requirements before I can do that. I’m sure the vets will love that, though!

Daniel Reasor

It’ll be a good way to show off the level scaling tech at work in the low level zones, I think. Once you recruit/unlock an Allied Race, adding that race to your stable of level capped toons is as easy as using a race change or level boost, but there are race-based transmog costumes for players who bring a new Allied Race toon from level 20 to 110.

Kickstarter Donor

If you were to start playing now, getting the reputation in legion is easy. You pretty much get there with just regular play.

Nathan Aldana

this of course supposes, you want to play legion content.

Dug From The Earth

Just FYI

Buying the game gets you an instant level 100 character. Getting to 110 is like 1-2 weeks of very very casual playing.

And… playing through the story quests in a zone, gets you 75% of the way to the rep you need, the rest of the rep can be easily earned by spending 20-30 minutes a day, doing various world quests in that zone, for a couple weeks.

Sally Bowls

yeah. In particular, doing an invasion a day for a week or so should get you to 110 in about three hours of play time.


The funny thing is that most veteran players dont have any free character slots to even use the new races. I won’t be able to use them for that reason. And I am not paying for a race change.

Danny Smith

I could see them patching in allied races instead of holding them behind the expansion. Along with the world scaling its a carrot to pull in potential expansion customers and get them levelling something to be ready for BFA.


Zone scaling is going to be huge. I just wish they added a new class so I had more reasons to go through the old stuff again.

Rick Mills

I think the allied races will be new enough reason for me to participate!


Yeah that’s sort of my thinking, though I find I like to level new classes more than new races.