Kickstarter reports $172M raised for games in 2017

Big time.

Here’s something interesting to chew on today: Kickstarter actually had an incredible 2017 when it came to funding games and raising money. Head of Games Luke Crane tweeted that the platform was up year-over-year in both of these categories.

“Games on @Kickstarter in 2017: $172M pledged ($163M raised); 7033 launched projects (2997 successfully funded projects); 767K backers (726K backers to successful projects),” he said. “Good job y’all. A huge year for the community. That’s the most games projects funded on Kickstarter in any year to date! And the money exceeds 2016’s funding by +29%.”

Not too many of these game projects involved MMOs, admittedly, although 2017 did see Ashes of Creation become the most-funded MMORPG to date on Kickstarter. Other notable 2017 Kickstarter projects included Shadow’s Kiss, Ship of Heroes, War of Conquest, and Global Adventures.

Update: The $172 million apparently covers all games, including video games, tabletop, board games, and card games. Video games raised $17.25M over 2017.

Source: Twitter, Polygon

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More useful would be stats about how much was raised for games that ACTUALLY HAVE BECOME RELEASED PRODUCTS.

Anything else is practically a religious donation: I’m giving you $ in ‘hopes’ that this gives me the results you promise/I hope.

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I’m generally skeptical about Kickstarted MMORPGs (though I’ve backed several), because without other funding, you just can’t get enough on the platform to fund a decent full-time team to completion, then pay to keep the service running.

The cheapest shipped MMGs I know of cost around $20 million, and all of those came out more than a decade ago.

Sally Bowls

IMO, YMMV, this continues to show that it is tough for Kickstarter to work for MMOs.


Other notable 2017 Kickstarter projects included Shadow’s Kiss, Ship of Heroes, War of Conquest, and Global Adventures.

GA was “60 backers pledged CA$ 1,816”
WoC was “118 backers pledged $8,698”
SoH raised $0 after abandoning KS.
SK raised “884 backers pledged $80,414 ”
AoC said it would take about $30M to make it and raised about 10% of that from KS.

CA$ 1,816???? Really? This would not buy a good SC ship or that many MOP articles.

In a world where MMOs can require a $100M development budget, talking about raising thousands strikes me as somewhere between unrealistic and surreal.


I think the more successful projects have been ones where KS was used to gauge if there was enough public interest in the project to warrant private investors getting involved. But yes, I totally agree that MMOs are tough sells on Kickstarter.