Sumo Digital picks up CCP’s ejected EVE Valkyrie studio


Good news for anybody out there worried about the future of EVE Valkyrie: CCP’s Newcastle studio, the one that runs Valkyrie, has been acquired by UK-based Sumo Digital, which isn’t exactly known for VR. According to GIbiz, 34 CCP devs will make the jump to the new group. Sumo Digital has been collaborating with CCP already on Project Nova, the FPS following in DUST 514’s footsteps.

You’ll recall that at the tail end of October 2017, the EVE Online developer announced that it was pulling out of the virtual reality market, with intent to close down or sell off some of its properties while pulling Sparc in-house. Though Valkyrie received an update in the interim, its longer-term future had appeared uncertain until Sumo Digital announced the buyout.

The move also saw the layoff of almost all of EVE Online’s community team, a decision that has EVE veterans extremely worried and earned MOP’s own biggest blunder of the year award a few weeks ago.

More recently, we caught wind of¬†CCP’s latest aspirations; the studio is hiring a lead designer for “a new and highly ambitious MMORPG.”

Source: GIbiz
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