Check out the starting cutscenes for the first four Allied Races in World of Warcraft


When are the first four Allied Races arriving in World of Warcraft? They’re a big feature of Battle for Azeroth, but evidence increasingly points to them being playable before the expansion launch, and the latest bit of datamining for patch 7.3.5 reveals another important piece of evidence. Yes, the starting cutscenes for all four races have been mined out, with each one getting a new narration from their respective racial leaders explaining what the race is doing and where it stands with its allies.

You know, the ones you get when you create any new character and log in for the first time. They’re familiar enough.

You can watch the cutscenes below, although you can expect some minor spoilers; they also are not necessarily finalized cinematics, so caution and suspicion is advised. Just the same, it seems to be more than enough evidence that you’ll be seeing them running about sooner rather than later. And hey, it’s been two expansions since any new races were added to the mix; we’re sure that people will be excited to see some new arrivals.

Source: Wowhead

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we’re sure that people will be excited to see some new arrivals.

Weeell excitement is often commensurate to the amount of “new” and these ones hardly scream exotic, since they are just…reskins-with-a-twist.

Zandalari will probably be the only ones illiciting some feelings of faraway places but that’s for another time and day.

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I watched these earlier. Getting excited for them to be live.

Dug From The Earth

Dark Iron dwarves, always being pushed to the back of the releases. Trolls be feelin it too, mon.

Simon Kolomar


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Ysayle was right

Pretty sure it’s connected to them being unlocked during the next expansion, whereas this bunch will be unlocked through Legion content.