Final Fantasy XI starts off 2018 with dog enemies and associated controversy

Weird dog.

The first update for Final Fantasy XI is scheduled for later this month, and it’s hitting the ground running with controversy. See, it’s the year of the dog, and that means that the first new Ambuscade content involves the two most famous dogs in FFXI, Fenrir and Carbuncle. But… is Carbuncle a dog? Producer Akihiko Matsui firmly declares it to be so, but we have no doubt that many other players have wildly different views about the radioactive fox-squirrel-thing’s proper taxonomic classification.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Carbuncle as a dog, he’s still floofing about in battle content, and there are also changes to the items required to Oboro’s job-specific equipment by changing the rather obnoxiously rare Iridal Staves requirement. There’s also the continuation of the game’s anniversary events and various other quality of life improvements across the board, so it’s pretty clear that the game is hitting the ground running for 2018. Which should mean you have plenty of reason to get in the game as you argue about whether or not Carbuncle is, in fact, a dog.

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Matt Redding

Carbuncle comes from medieval bestiaries. The source creature was an armadillo, which for some reason they thought had a ruby stuck in its forehead. How the Final Fantasy one keeps getting floofier and floofier with each game I don’t know. But that’s its charm.

Daniel Miller

You know I haven’t done it yet. But seeing as the dev is stating what is a dog. I should go ask my ffxi discord who would win in a showdown. Carbuncle or Hulk. As Ferner in Thor 3 lost to the hulk.

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I never thought he was a dog.

Chris Moss

This game is in my soul

Daniel Miller

Great to see posting updates. Great game.


Maintenance mode btw.