Food and video games, two great tastes together at last!

Throw wide the gates to let us pass once more.

If you thought that the World of Warcraft official cookbook was a stupid idea, then you may not be the target audience for the plethora of sites devoted to helping you cook up a true taste of the game you’re playing. But they’re still out there, and after we talked about them on the podcast this week, we couldn’t not hunt some down. Fans of Guild Wars 2 have a whole blog devoted to making the recipes from the game into real food, while Final Fantasy XIV Culinarians can level up in the real world with a similar blog.

Yes, the authors of these blogs are well aware that you have to make some substitutions for the lack of raptors and drakes. It’s done with care and thought.

If you’re more of a generally video game sort, there’s also the Moogle Pie blog (which is devoted to various game treats or themed treats from games). And you can always check out the Earthbound cookbook once it finishes publishing after a successful Kickstarter. In other words, with some patience and dedication, there are lots of ways to make your real-life food into the same stuff you eat in-game.

Maybe not Delicious Cave Mold, though.


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