The Daily Grind: What’s the exact MMO character you would never play?


While I typically love character creation screens in RPGs, when it comes to MMOs, I find that I limit myself more often than not. The thought of spending hundreds of hours with a character means that I become a lot more cautious about creating someone that I’ll end up hating. So there are typically some classes, playstyles, races, and genders that I won’t touch because I have this “long-term investment” mentality in mind.

But when I’m only dipping into a game for a little bit, I get a lot more wild with my character choices. Handlebar moustaches on an axe-wielding brute in Elder Scrolls Online? Sure, why not! And I enjoy the change of pace, even though this is a character I wouldn’t play in the long run.

What’s the exact MMO character you would never play? Create a description of that character and tell us why it’s a polar opposite to your typical choices!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Hikari Kenzaki

Evil, Dark, Gritty, Extreme Broody Races with Horns and Tusks and Spikes jutting out of places they ought not jut out of… That’s one.

The sexy child class/race. Many have said it. It’s not about size or build… it’s about the character model and the attitude. Blade and Soul Lyn are examples of full on Loli characters I just won’t touch.

People point to Asura in GW2 as a good example of a small character. I wish we’d get access to the Shai in BDO, because in game, they’re adults and not cute, but I could see the player base abusing them so I understand why they aren’t allowed.

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Alex Willis

I thought I would never play “cute” races until I played GW2’s Asura. Totally turned my head around on that one. Now I’m a bit more open-minded. (Because that universe does not portray that race as either cutie-pie *or* “good”.)

Probably my biggest reservation in character selection are pet/follower classes. I have yet to play an MMO where they are really good. I’m not someone who metagames too much, but the math is almost never good with pets. Devs always seem reluctant to do justice to the notion of a truly powerful or dominant pets system.

My favourite characters are almost always bestial or “different” from human norm. So, my fav characters in the last 10+ years of MMO gaming have been Dwarves (so many Dwarves), Charr, Asura, Argonians, Giants, Orcs.


Anything furry/animal based. Just seems ridiculous to me. Also little kid races (yuck).


I just can’t bring myself to play a character with “silly” options that don’t necessarily fit into the world of whatever MMO I’m playing. I’ve never been able to “let go” and get wild like that. Even if it’s something like a Saints Row game.

I usually don’t play female characters or reptilian/dragon-esque races.


I can’t play female characters. I can identify with them as a male myself. Which is why I HATE gender locked MMOs.


Small and cute is generally not gonna happen. Just not my style and I dont like being crotch night with the majority of the population.

If anything besides human is avaialable, then I will not play a human. I am a human in real life why would i want to play one in game if I dont have to.

Elf. Enough said. The exclusive reason I can not play a demon Hunter in wow.

No restrictions on class as long as I find it fun.


– Dude characters (i did make a giant male Charr in GW2 that is a mule character)
– A class that is ONLY support/healer/tank (Please don’t make me solo mobs as a healer)
– Lolis. Just… just no.
– Beast races. Nothing against them, I just can’t commit to playing one.
– Anything overly sexualized without an options to change that. Giant boobs bouncing with armorkinis… just not my thing lol.


I gravitate towards healer/support roles for the most part, they tend to keep things fresh in ways a dps class can’t. I also seem to have developed a love for small cute characters (yes even child-like) and the realm of cross-dressing. Not sure if it’s a matter of desensitization or if it’s showing some inner reflection of myself (read: youthful days playing MMOs and not taking the world so seriously). Either way, it’s increased my standards on what MMOs I would play, which has greatly helped in dividing my time towards hobbies.

On the no-no list:

Paladins in general (thanks D&D, you turned a paragon of good and justice into an abomination on the values of being a good person).
Gender-locked races and classes, I find them lazy and defiant of all common sense. The idea of only a race of busty cat-girls getting exclusive access to guns, or requiring a natural beard to cast magic, to be on the highest caliber of bullshit in MMO design (I especially hate when they try to lampshade it in-game).
Female characters, but only if they were changed that way from Male. Kind of hurts the cross-dressing thing, plus being called a lady when my character was a dude first (and was regarded as such) is a big deal-breaker. I’m all about character consistency.
I try to avoid playing human characters if I have that choice, this is a hobby of escapism after all. May as well play a fuzzy critter that kills people, or perhaps an elf-hobbit.

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My character choice no-no list:
Male characters (I feel more comfortable playing my own gender in MMOs)
Large/oversized characters (just feels awkward)
Overly childlike female characters (especially if they’ve been made ‘sexy’, because EWW)
Full-on single-role healers/tanks (feels too constrained, I prefer to have options)

So, I have no idea how to combine all that into one particular character I would never play. My usual choices are: Female (of course), average sized to short (but not tiny), no particular racial preference (provided they’re not too tall or otherwise on my no-no list), and of a hybrid or multi-purpose support class. My favorite class of all, however, is seldom found in MMOs, despite it being a class choice in most every one: the rogue. My rogues have to have more to do than just DPS. (DDO is one that I played that just about nailed it- sure, DPS, but also: Stealth! Traps! Lockpicking! GLEE! LotRO’s Burglars were good too, with their Tricks.)


I prefer healers and support roles more than anything else. Rogues/stealth-based characters are on the opposite end of that spectrum for me. While I can occasionally find something rogueish that appeals (usually some variation on a bard theme), I rarely enjoy playing rogues for anything else. I’m just rarely interested in max DPS.