Turn-based MMO Stash launches after quietly growing over the years


Back in 2016, we first heard about a unique-looking MMO that had just entered early access called Stash. This indie title eschewed modern conventions for a more board game-like experience, complete with tokens that moved around and a turn-based combat system. Well, now it appears that Stash has finally left its own beginner zone to adventure out into a wider world of an official launch.

Stash is an MMO with turn-based grid combat, highly customizable housing, a tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole,” the game’s lead developer emailed us. “Stash brings the fun and challenge of a tabletop or pen-and-paper gaming group into an MMO.”

Stash is a free-to-play title that can be accessed through Steam. Check out its trailer after the break!

Source: Stash

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Game certainly looks interesting, I’ll have to take a closer look when I’m home and can watch the videos.

I’m curious whether this is actually an MMO or not. The website makes me think it’s probably not, based on it’s features, yet it calls itself an MMO. Normally devs get it right (which is why bungie always say destiny isn’t an mmo and ubisoft always says the divison isn’t an mmo) so hopefully these guys are too. I wonder what the max player count is?

Michael Hartman

I replied to someone below who had a similar question, and I can assure you this is definitely an MMO and will feel like an MMO when you are playing.

* A persistent world you run around and explore

* both shared/open and instanced dungeons (not a lobby)

* a big capital city with NPCs, vendors, and services, players running around everywhere
groups and clans

* a full fledged market economy where you can run and market your own shop

* a massive housing system with tons of upgrading and customization (and you can invite your friends to visit)

I could go on and on but I already have like 6 replies here and don’t want to be spamming the discussion too much. :)

Mark Allen

As an avid player, a clan leader, and a member of the Stash community, I want to thank you for helping to raise awareness and hopefully interest in the game.

Michael Hartman

It is always exciting to see a writeup about our game on one of my favorite gaming sites!

I am one of the devs (the founder of the studio actually) and I am happy to answer questions about the game, dev process, or anything like that.

Stash continues to grow and improve constantly. We have an update every week or two nearly without fail. Player input is a huge part of that.

You can also find me in game quite often – usually on my character Snarlax.

We have a really wonderful community of incredibly nice, helpful players. Any time you pop in, make sure to speak up on the /stash and /help channels or join our discord: http://discord.gg/stashrpg


I may have to at least give it a try. I am visually impaired, so the slower moving turn based games often work better for me.

Michael Hartman

I think you will find the game can definitely be played at YOUR pace – as fast or slow as you want.

When you get into the game, press “p” to bring up the party status screen and increase your TURN TIME (it affects solo also). That way you have longer to make your moves in combat.

Another nice thing is that when standing out in the world or in a dungeon, you will never get attacked.

You can only get surprised when you actually make a move, or if you are in a camp.

Have fun!

IronSalamander8 .

Turn based you say? Will have to give it a look.

Michael Hartman

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up here or on twitter @muckbeast


I bought this game a while ago just have to sit down and play it.

Michael Hartman

The citizens of Primordiax need your help to hold back the incursion of the Void!

Time to jump on in, @donvweel!

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Now we are talking. Back to my roots. Something based on patience and intellect and not reaction time and ability to bunny hop. Looks fun.

Michael Hartman

I hope you’ll give it a shot!

(I’m replying to lots of folks since I missed this article when it was new, and want to make sure folks who expressed interest here know they can ask me questions about the game).


Looks fun I’ll give it a go.


Played this up until last week for a few months with the wife and a friend. The game looks simple, but underneath is a pretty good crafting, housing, turn based combat game. There is gathering mats for crafting and of course, loot! You can “stash” it all or sell it or use it or trade it on an open market too. No questing is involved or any story so not much reading involved.
I found the best part is the combat as strategy at higher levels becomes important and the game really challenges you during the fighting by not allowing you to open your backpack or use pots or food. A healer can be important to stay alive.
Give it a go if you are a casual player with time to kill. It really is a relaxed game to play with friends or a guild.

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Looks rough, but interesting enough. Will make a note to give it a download take it for a spin sometime this week.