Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragon Bones DLC hits the PTS, free sub trial begins today

It’s almost time to get your Skyrim nostalgia on! ZeniMax announced last night that the Dragon Bones DLC and accompanying freebie update 17 have both taken over Elder Scrolls Online’s PTS and are testable right now. The patch notes are live too, including a list-out of the new gear, the new storage collectibles, the complete details on the new outfit customization system, and three new houses: Coldharbour Surreal Estate, Princely Dawnlight Palace, and The Erstwhile Sanctuary.

This update will also mark the end of 32-bit client support, so if you’re running on an older version of windows, heads-up.

Wondering what all the fuss was about when both the staff and the readers voted Elder Scrolls Online MMO of the year? Maybe take advantage of the game’s latest “ESO Plus Bonus Event” to preview it in more depth.

“If you’ve never experienced ESO Plus, you can check out almost everything it has to offer for FREE for a limited time with our trial,” says ZeniMax. Existing box owners can access the free sub trial to explore all the DLC (although not Morrowind, it appears) and enjoy most of the perks of subscription, including access to the craft bag and the experience/gold boosts. Subbers themselves aren’t forgotten; they’ll be granted daily freebie lockboxes during the period instead. The event begins at 10 a.m. EST today and runs a full week.

Source: Official site, patch notes. Thanks, Babagra.pl!

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Будусов Виктор

While the most awesome thing was datamined. Look’s like next regions in the game will be Summerset and Artaeum (Psijic’s island)


They really implemented the scaling system well. The world is beautiful and vast without walls or “in a square” feeling. All voice acted quests. The world is busy with players without seeing fading effects like in WOW. I quickly stopped playing after the initial release and only started back a few days ago, very impressed by the progress made and how this community grew (for example on Twitter : 854K followers for Eso, 337k for GW2, 181k for FF14).

Kickstarter Donor

Nice, I can dump a bunch of crafting materials back into my crafting bag! Pretty good timing since I’ve been kinda considering dipping back into the game again, guess I’ll have to clear up some time later this week/weekend to take advantage of the free sub time…and try to remember how to play again/where my character left off with quests and the like.


Just started playing this game and I really love it. I also really love the fact that there seems to be regular additions to the game.

Bryan Turner

If you have a sub you get free crates