Black Desert kicks off New Year’s event, adds outfit mixing feature

Move over, winter – Black Desert is done with you. But the New Year’s festivities are just getting started! As part of today’s patch, players should hustle on over to Velia, Heidel, or Calpheon City to pick up their quest and associated pie, plus there’s a “General’s Accessories” event to encourage enhancement.

But the best bit is the new outfit mixing feature. “An often requested feature made it into the game this week: You can now mix and match Outfit pieces from different sets and still get the set bonus,” says Kakao. “We look forward to seeing what fancy fashion trends the community will be coming up with as a result of this change!”

Meanwhile, Lahn awakens in Korea today – Dulfy has the teaser lifted straight from Twitch – and the game finally launched early access in Southeast Asia.

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This game is great for about 2 months and then you realize you spend countless hour’s running in circles or letting the game play by itself while you do something fun.

Toy Clown

Lahn is the first BDO class I’ve been excited about and can’t wait for it to come to the West. Also a nice bonus to finally get bonuses from mixing and matching my outfits. I have non-heal boots and shoes I like to pair with outfits and different headpieces. Good change on this!

Melissa McDonald

Oooh that’s a nice feature. Me likey cosmeticky. :D


The Lahn looks pretty good, aside from being almost indistinguishable from Tamer, Maewha, and Kunoichi as another small, female, agile melee dps class. Probably roll one up just for the heck of it when it comes West


Hooray I can wear my Santa Hat…right…after the holiday is over…when I’d wear it…

But seriously glad I kept any number of the cosmetic helms they’ve given out over the last few years.