Conan Exiles’ huge combat overhaul is destined for player testers in February


The Funcom team is back in business after the winter holiday, and that means a fresh Conan Exiles newsletter for the community. What’s on the horizon? Combat, combat, combat – the “feature complete version of the new combat system” is coming to the test servers in February.

“The Berserkers are putting the finishing touches on the new combat system,” Funcom writes. “They’ve added the ability for players to dodge out of hit stuns, sacrificing stamina to escape chained attacks, and different blocking and stagger animations based on which weapon the blocker is being attacked with. We are planning two internal tests over the next weeks to test the new combat system in PvE and PvP scenarios. The first test is with the devteam and the second test includes devs from other teams. The third test will be in the middle of February (as mentioned above) when we invite you guys to check out and give feedback on the new combat system on our Testlive servers.”

The newsletter touches on the most recent build (with tweaks for the lootbag freeze bug, the temperature system, and fall damage), the volcano and jungle biome, the walking-through-walls bug, the state of console, the decay system, avatars on console, desync, art polishing, new emotes and idles, and the “content rebalance project.”

“While we strongly believe the new combat system will improve the moment to moment gameplay in the game, the new combat system cannot be introduced in isolation. The ‘content rebalance project’ involves tweaking the ecology (NPC population) and changing lots of small bits and pieces with the aim of providing a more diverse and challenging experience. We will go into more detail in a later community update.”

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