Elder Scrolls Online datamining reveals possible expansion prologue

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Ready to head to new lands in Tamriel?

A dataminer discovered some evidence that seems to confirm the long-running rumor about the location of the next “chapter,” or expansion, of Elder Scrolls Online. The information concerns a prologue quest that introduces players to the region. Obviously, don’t click on this link unless you’re willing to be spoiled.

Click to reveal spoilers about what's been datamined.
We’re talking about the Summerset Isles, the home of the Aldmeri – the High Elves. During the quest, the players take a boat to the island to meet the Oracle. While there, players discover a secret message left behind that points to the plight of the Oracle. Cue some realm-jumping and a rescue mission.

Currently, Elder Scrolls Online is testing February’s Dragon Bones DLC, which includes outfit customization. Also, all players can enjoy a free week of subscription-level benefits that is running right now.

Source: Official forums. With thanks to Mr. Bigglesworth!

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